Sowers of the Seed Food Pantry is a ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church of Steinhatchee. In order for any ministry to be a ministry of the local church, it must have the gospel of Jesus Christ as its purpose and focus. That is our priority with the pantry.

We serve the Steinhatchee and Jena communities. Over 100 families come to our monthly food distribution. The neighbors (clients) are able to go through the aisles and fill their grocery carts with necessary food items in order to feed their families. We do not seek to meet all of their needs for the month, but to be supplementary.

Although our neighbors come there to receive physical food to nourish their bodies, that is not the sole purpose this ministry. While feeding them physically is a good thing, without the gospel, this would merely be a humanitarian effort. Sharing the gospel with our neighbors is our focus. What good would it be to nourish the body, but leave the soul spiritually starved?

We are able to have gospel conversations with those otherwise we may have never met. We sow the seed of the gospel and pray for God to give the increase.

To contact Sowers of the Seed by phone, please call 850.295.3787, or by completing the contact form below.

Sowers of the Seed is an equal opportunity provider